Calculate String Length

Calculate String Length

  • Calculate the length of your string of text or numbers to check the number of characters it contains! Using our online character counting tool is quick and easy! This tool is great for computer programmers, web developers, writers, and other programmers.
  • To learn more about character counting and calculating the length of your strings, keep on reading below.

What is a character in computing?

To a computer, a character is a single unit of information. To humans, a character can be thought of as the smallest form of a computer’s writing system. Even the smallest units of a sentence or string of text or numbers is counted as a character. Characters include:

  • Numbers (413=3 characters)
  • Letters (water=5 characters)
  • Symbols ($@%*=4 characters)
  • Common punctuation marks (.“ ;=3 characters)
  • Spaces or whitespace ( =5 characters)
  • Control characters (a code point or number that does not represent a written symbol)

How to Calculate String Length?

  • Step 1: Go to link: Calculate String Length
  • Step 2: Enter the text in Input textarea.
  • Step 3: Click [Calculate] button.

Example Calculate String Length


You have to     either    perform the replace before you split the string or perform the replace onevery element of the array separately.

Output :

Your string is 138 characters long.

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